Below you'll find examples of just some of the ideas we have had for programmes recently. As you can see, we try to keep it creative - it's always a pleasure to fine-tune our clients' programmes to their exclusive requirements as well as consulting personally on a wide range of topics - including music, fashion, fine dining, galleries, museums and much more. We have vast experience of providing the VIP experiences and luxury tours our clients expect to enjoy.
We look forward to meeting, and then exceeding your expectations in any way we can!

Yours sincerely,

Elisabeth Wolf
Managing Owner
Photograph: Claudia Blake Photography courtesy of Hotel Lamée

This walk through the city takes you to former court suppliers. These outlets, where the glamour of the Austrian monarchy survives to this day, are still very much alive and kicking. One good example is the shop of former court purveyor, Wilhelm Jungmann & Neffe, whose beautiful textiles await your delectation now as they did the royal family centuries ago. Then there is the world-famous jeweller A. E. Köchert, which is managed and owned by the sixth consecutive generation of the Köchert family. Shoe manufacturer Scheer has a similarly glittering history, having been in business since 1816 and owned by the Sheer family for the past seven generations. One of our most exclusive tours: and because this is Artissimi, of course, we will even be invited inside for a look behind the scenes.
Photograph: Claudia Blake Photography courtesy of A.E. Köchert

In Artissimi's groundbreaking Upper Belvedere programme participants can rent a castle and enjoy a private tour in the highly exclusive company of Klimt, Schiele and Kokoschka...
Photography: courtesy of Belvedere

By the end of the nineteenth century, Vienna was rapidly becoming the perfect backdrop to the innovative ideas of architect and urban planner Otto Wagner, born in the city in 1841. The functional and floral buildings Wagner brought to life in his projects continue to define the look and feel of Vienna to this day, and it is no exaggeration to describe the Austrian capital as a vast and timeless exhibition of the great man's achievements.
Photograph: Artissimi

The period of artistic expression and change that exploded in Vienna from 1890 to 1910 is widely viewed as one of the most culturally influential and significant in the great city's history. In two short decades, such world-changing names as Adolf Loos and Otto Wagner rose to prominence in the field of architecture, Josef Hoffmann, Kolo Moser and the Wiener Werkstätte cooperative in design, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele in painting, Gustav Mahler and Arnold Schönberg in music, and last (but quite certainly not least), Sigmund Freud through psychoanalysis.
Depending on the weather and time available to us, we can organise a wonderful tour of Vienna, exploring this ground breaking period in intimate detail and taking in the following gems:
  • The Otto Wagner houses on Wienzeile
  • Secession, including the Beethoven Frieze by Gustav Klimt
  • The Café Museum and Palmenhaus at the Hofburg
  • Looshaus on Michaelerplatz
  • Artaria Haus on Kohlmarkt
  • The Engel Apotheke
  • The Zacherlhaus on Tuchlauben
  • Knize at Graben
Photograph: The Looshaus on Michaelerplatz, by Elisabeth Wolf

Walls across Vienna have been specially marked out by the city government for artists from across the world identifying them as spaces to create daring and groundbreaking street art in the Austrian Austrian capital. Elisabeth Wolf has been researching this area of art for many years now, has participated in tours in a range of different countries, and hosted a variety of workshops on street art As a result, Elisabeth now boast profound experience in the field, which has made this particular tour a huge success. This tour takes you to the most amazing walls in Vienna, to view work by local and international artists, as well as along the Donaukanal, a famous area for spraying. You will learn about the techniques, books and festivals involved, and hear the story of how the street art that made it from the streets of '80s New York to the White House then crossed the Atlantic to Europe, before returning, refreshed to North America. Taking pictures on this tour is an absolute must.
If you would like to get a feel for street art before viewing the real thing, then check out Thomas Grötschnig's highly accessible book and online guide to the subject, "Vienna Murals" or @viennamurals.
Photograph: Artissimi

The altar at the museum of the Scottish Abbey in Vienna shows the oldest view of the city in existence, one of the most impressive and valuable pieces of its time. The artist, who lived in the Middle Ages, is unknown to this day, and continues to guard his secrets well. One of the few things we do know is that he has had a huge influence on artists throughout the region and beyond. A walk through the surrounding area then enables participants to follow the trails of the Byzantine Princesses who brought art and music to Vienna during the Babenberg period. This walk is particularly enjoyable during the winter months, and can be booked as a unique Christmas treat.
Photograph: Museum Schottenstift, Vienna