Elisabeth Wolf, Managing Owner
"I have always loved the arts, classical music, travel and nature. Put simply, I am inspired by beautiful things. For many years, I found myself seeking a suitable focus for these personal passions - ideally, one also offering a tangible connection with my chosen field of expertise, the tourism industry.
In 2015 I realised I had found the solution, when I founded Artissimi, a very new kind of agency. Artissimi was designed to offer luxury city tours, high-end cultural experiences which transform Vienna and its surroundings into an aesthetic, living stage for its most sophisticated guests and cultured locals. It creates a space for children who love to be astonished, and adults seeking luxury impressions that will last a lifetime. Every single contact I have enjoyed through Artissimi has been enormously enriching.

I can look back with pride upon many years of experience in the international five-star hotel and tourism sector. I have planned a maltitude of luxury events over the years, with great success. I have been an entrepreneur and guide for Austria since 2012, licenced to provide my exclusive cultural experience not just in German, but also in English and Italian. I am also fluent in French, and have held a travel agency licence since 2017."

"Do things here and now, not after you're gone. If you have some money, share it. And if you have some time, do something worthwhile!"
Jerome H. Stone

Photograph: Claudia Blake Photography courtesy of KHM Museumsverband

Lea Süss, Tour & Social Media Assistant
Lea loves coffeehouses - ideally armed with a historical book - as well as fashion and sports. She is particularly keen on meeting inspiring people, and attracted by politics and history, one reason why she plans to study both subjects at the University of Vienna. Lea currently commutes between Munich and Vienna, and is inspired by both cities.
Lea has been a part of the Artissimi team since September 2019, and cannot wait to get to know the city better still by being on tour with Elisabeth.
Photograph: Claudia Blake Photography

Barbara Vrdlovec, Preferred Partner
Barbara is truly passionate about the arts, words and interesting encounters so it came as no great surprise when, after pursuing a successful career in management consulting spanning many years, she decided to work as a tour and museum guide in Vienna. The new position enabled her to make more room for her passion for culture by creating an entirely new tier of activities in her life. With joy and enthusiasm, Barbara shares fascinating insights and background stories to monuments and artefacts throughout the Austrian capital - some well-known, some less-so. Barbara's travels, often spontaneously triggered by an interesting exhibition opening or something such, have been a huge source of energy and inspiration to her over the years.
Tour Guide in English, German, French and Italian

"If you don't have time for the small things, you won't have time for the big things."
Richard Branson
Photograph: Claudia Blake Photography courtesy Hotel Sans Souci

Claudia Blake Wiletel, Preferred Partner
Our photographer Claudia loves Vienna, coffee and Nutella!
A native of Austria, Claudia recently returned home from the United States, where she had first started a family, then gone on to become a professional photographer. Nowadays, Claudia finds her inspiration in travel, magazines and of course walks through her favourite city of Vienna. Her passion, not just for her craft but also for the people she photographs, will freeze moments in time for you, creating contemporary portraits and instant memories that will last a lifetime. We love it, when Claudia joins our Artissimi tours, capturing those special moments and ensuring they become more unforgettable than ever.
Take a look: Maria Theresia and The Arts
Claudia's website: Claudia Blake Photography

"Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass!"
Paul J. Meyers